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Linn Records New Releases For 2008

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The links are not working, but you can go to http://www.linnrecords.com for more info


* Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance now Online

* Best of 2007 Accolade for Judith Owen

* The Guardian Heralds Ian Shaw and Claire Martin

* 3 for 2 Seasonal Promotion

* What's New


Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance


Why not kickstart the new year with some inspired instrumental jazz by a hotly-tipped new artist? You can now download and listen sound-clips from the album "Accident and Insurgency" (Linn AKD 306) by brand new Linn Records signing Arnie Somogyi's Ambulance. It features five of the UK's most exciting young jazz musicians in collaboration with U.S. jazz legend, trumpeter Eddie Henderson:


Arnie Somogyi - double bass; Paul Booth - tenor and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet; Tim Lapthorn - piano, Fender Rhodes, melodica; Dave Smith - drums and Rob Townsend - tenor and soprano saxophones, alto flute, bass clarinet, laptop.


The album features some beautiful, atmospheric downtempo tracks as well as straight-ahead swing-based workouts, all with fabulous playing throughout. It has already received a first-rate response from the jazz media with plays on BBC Radio 3 show Jazz Line-Up, digital station theJazz and numerous stations across Europe and the United States. It has also been featured in the Jazzwise magazine Office Vibe chart - look out for an interview feature in the same publication in the February edition.


It has been reviewed very favourably indeed on London venue The Vortex Jazz Website:


"This rich and varied album perfectly reflects the versatility and musicianly prowess of the quintet that one of the UK's most accomplished bassists, Arnie Somogyi, has assembled; it also features the elegant trumpet and flugelhorn playing of a stellar US guest, Eddie Henderson."


"This is a highly entertaining and thoroughly absorbing set, and a great calling card for their live act, already aired at last year's Cheltenham Festival, but also set to tour the UK in February 2008. Recommended."


Click here to read the review in full.


The ensemble will perform a UK tour with jazz legend Eddie Henderson. Click here for full details and further information about this hotly-tipped ensemble.


Best of 2007 Accolade for Judith Owen


Bruce Springsteen, White Stripes, Amy Winehouse, Arcade Fire, Ghostface Killah, PJ Harvey, Kanye West...Judith Owen. According to the Boston Globe, these artists produced the best CDs of 2007 - exalted company indeed for Linn Records artist Owen who has had a busy year.


An appearance at Live Earth, Wembley with Spinal Tap and touring dates with the legendary Richard Thompson were augmented by her acclaimed album "Painting by Numbers".


She has also received plaudits in Europe and, more recently, Australia as this five star review in Audio and Video Lifestyle illustrates:


"This exciting new vocalist is bound to blow your socks off. The refinement and soaring capabilities of Judith Owen's vocals are well worth a special consideration.


"It is difficult for me to determine which are the best tracks on the album because they are all so very good, but most certainly the first track "Conway Bay", the following "Painting by Numbers", and "Carry" are certainly stand-out tracks. This is one album you should not miss. It's a real gem!"


Click here to read the review in full.


The Guardian Heralds Ian Shaw and Claire Martin


Prior to their recent sell-out show at The Purcell Room on London's South Bank, The Guardian ran a praiseworthy preview of the, now annual, Christmas concert featuring Claire Martin and Ian Shaw. Further evidence indeed, that the stock of these two artists is riding ever high.


"Traditionally, hardcore jazzers aren't crazy about singers. They have a tendency to think of them as more concerned with the camera than the microphone, uncomfortable with improvising, and stuck with the literalness of lyrics. A few win the purists' respect, however. Claire Martin can count the late violin virtuoso Stéphane Grappelli among her fans, as well as the likes of Tony Bennett. She achieved instant recognition with her debut album in 1992 and since then she's been acclaimed as one of the outstanding jazz voices of the last decade. Ian Shaw has been equally celebrated, and often compared to his early idol, Mel Torme. However, he adds a subversive humour to Torme's swing and fluency, as well as an appetite for soul music and a selfless ability to adapt his technique to almost any context. Martin and Shaw spark even more fireworks from each other - and their mutual capacity for deflationary humour runs about as fast as their formidable abilities as spontaneous musicians." John Fordham


Claire's 2007 album He never mentioned love has been roundly lauded by the jazz and music press in general, deemed by many to be her finest recording to date. She has tour dates planned for various countries in Europe as well as the UK in 2008.


Meanwhile, Ian is readying a highly-anticipated new album of self-penned material for release in Spring 2008. Entitled "Lifejacket", it follows his hugely successful recording of Joni Mitchell songs Drawn to all Things. Watch this space for further details of the album and extensive tour.


3 for 2 Seasonal Promotion


Why not take advantage of our 3 for 2 Seasonal Offer for a limited period only? Remember, until 31st December, 2007 you can buy any three CDs and get the cheapest free!* Just enter the code M3V7AF9K in the promotion code box in your shopping to benefit from this offer.


On top of that, following our November promotion, we have retained some of our bestselling titles at the offer price of £10 / $18 / €14.


*this offer excludes downloads


What's New


Our new and more convenient newsletter feature allows you to find out all the latest placings in the Linn Records Jazz and Downloads Top Ten as well as artist live dates, directly from our website:


Linn Records Jazz Top Ten


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