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usb sound card 5.1 software

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I recently bought a usb sound card, but the software for it does not work with windows 7. I want a basic software that can control a 5.1 ch surround sound with basic audio controls and some advanced. any suggestions? i want to be able to control each speaker individually.


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Try VLC - it plays just about everything and (at least on a mac) allows you to set up and control multi channel sound.


I haven't used this feature myself so I'm afraid the link is about as much help I can give on setup and how well it works, but I'd be interested to hear your and others' experiences: I've often wondered if it might be possible to create a poor man's surround system by this method, but laziness (and poverty, but mostly laziness) has stopped me trying for myself.




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Check out JRiver Media Center 15. It's one of the finest for audio and extremely flexible. Sometimes a little confusing to set up, but well worth it. They have a very helpful forum too.


I'm pretty sure that it works well with Windows 7.


Good luck.




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