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Asio4all Installation

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Hello. I’m new here.

I’ve been trying to drag my computer challenged, sorry arse, into the 21st century, mainly with regard to digital source and playback of that lovely stuff called music.

Well, I can read and believe me I’ve read lots on this subject! It didn’t take that long to find out I probably needed to bypass Windows up sampling mixer to get the best out of my soon to arrive HRT music streamer 11. Now I realize it isn’t the most popular player with audiophiles but I like Winamp, mainly because net radio streams are easy to use with it. Oh yes, I’ve tried lots of others; kept foobar 2000 and Winamp. Naturally enough I wanted asio output; problem was/is I couldn’t find simple or complete instructions on how to go about it anywhere. They all seem to miss out vital bits of information and most only give a link to asio4all and as I found out you need a bit more than that.

The important bit of information that gets missed out is not only do you need asio4all, you need native dll files for whichever player you use.

Here are two links to these vital dll files which I’ve uploaded, one for Winamp, the other for foobar 2000

Download the zip file/s for your player.

http://www.mediafire.com/?ym2e2dmzdmm Winamp

http://www.mediafire.com/?zzkj1nqvdzm Foobar


Download asio4all.



Run the asio4all file. Check it’s dumped a folder in your program files.

For Winamp, unzip to an empty folder the files you downloaded from the first link. There should be 3 files there: out asio(dll) 0 67, out asio(exe) 070 and out asio(x64) 071.

Open the folder that applies to your system, 67 for 32 bit, 071 for 64 bit. There should be two folders there; bin and source and two test files.

Open the bin folder and you should find two more folder; normal and SSE2 (no, I don’t know either).

Now find the winamp plugins folder; local disc > program files > winamp > plugins and open it.

Drag the dll file SSE2 and drop it in the plugins folder.


(I did the same for the exe file as well but I don’t have a clue what it does. It works with or without it as far as I can tell. Maybe someone knows what its for and where it should go (?))

Close everything.

Open winamp. Go to options > preferences > plugins > output. You should see the asio dll file there; high light it and then click configure at the bottom of the window. Make sure you tick the box for converting one channel to two and it’s probably wise to 44100 if you’ve ripped with Flac 1:1.

Close everything again.

Now open winamp and play a track. You should see a new blue asio icon in the task bar. I assume that means its all working okay. Winamp shows the playback stats anyway.



For foobar 2000 its an identical process EXCEPT, the dll files go in the components folder.


My advice is to keep a copy of all the downloaded files somewhere safe…….I crashed lots.


I would be grateful if someone tries these instructions out and if they come across a problem, post about it. I found the whole business so frustrating I would hate to find I hadn’t done a better job that the people who have had me tearing my hair out at their incomplete instructions.


There is a lot of opinion on what are the best settings for asio output around on the net. I don’t have a clue; but I will have when I’ve played with the dac.


Right, anyone know how to get foobar 2000 to play shoutcast?



Dedicated Mains Cond dis block. Custom Linux Voyage MPD server. HRT Music Streamer Pro, Linear mains powered ADUM Belkin Gold USB cable. TP Buffalo 11, Custom XLR interconnects/Belkin Silver Series RCA. Exposure 21RC Pre, Super 18 Power (recap & modified). Modded World Audio HD83 HP amp.Van de Hull hybrid air lock speaker cables. Custom 3 way Monitors,Volt 250 bass&ABR, Scanspeak 13M8621Mid & D2905/9300Hi. HD595 cans.[br]2)Quantum Elec based active system self built.

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