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dCS Guide to Computer Audio

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The folk at dCS - no affiliation..other than owning a couple of their pieces of kit - have posted their "Guide to Computer Audio"


It can be found in Reader format at: http://www.dcsltd.co.uk/page/support


A quick scan, shows links to this site..and what appears at first glance to be some rather thorough setup directions.


Lynx AES16, J River, Mediamonkey, Foobar, ASIO, WASAPI, Win7..


all get mentioned....







Speakers: Avalon Acoustics Indra; Preamp: Spectral Audio DMC-30SS; Amps: Spectral Audio DMA 360v2 Monoblocks; Analog Cables: MIT Oracle; Power Cables: MIT Oracle; Digital: Bespoke Server [AO WinS16, HDPlex 400 LPS, Pachanko Loom, JCAT FEMTO NET & USB Card / Regen Isolator --> Vivaldi DAC and Clock [ChordMusic Clock Cables; Vertere HB Pulse USB]; Racks: Finite Elemente Pagode Edition HD4 and HD9 Amp Supports. Power: Shunyata Triton v3; DPC-6 v3

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