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AirPort Express or Squeezebox Duet as transport?

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Hi there,


This is my first post in this forum, though i have been following many threads.


I am in a state where I can not decide whether to buy an AirPort Express or Squeezebox Duet for transport. I will mainly use iTunes or Spotify as source (at most 16/44.1kHz that is). At the moment I am testing out a Beresford Caiman DAC which I think I am going to keep as DAC.


I just want to get as good sound as possible.


I have two setups in my head at the moment. From source to sound:


Setup 1.


MacBook (iTunes, Spotify, AirFoil)

AirPort Express

WireWorld Supernova 6 (If this really do make a difference vs. a cheaper one)

Beresford Caiman

Chord Cobra RCAs

Luxman L-530

Transparent Cables - The Wave

Jamo D 590


Setup 2.


MacBook (Squeezecenter, Nicecast)

Squeezebox Duet

Good Coax (Suggestions?)

Beresford Caiman

Chord Cobra RCAs

Luxman L-530

Transparent Cables - The Wave

Jamo D 590


Is the AirPort Express more 'jittery' as a transport than the Squeezebox Duet?


I really would appreciate some feedback to help me decide what to do. Sorry if I this post seems confusing, but that may be beacuse I am.


By the way, does anybody know if Nicecasts 320 Kbps stream somehow reduces Spotifys 320 Ogg files quality?


Regards Emil


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I have made my decision and placed my money on Setup 1. An AirPort Express that is. I think the sound quality is quite good actually, this is with an $25 Toslink cable. But it lacks a bit of depth, detail and punch. Great convenience by using an iPod Touch to control iTunes and Spotify I might add.


Would my setup benefit a lot from a WireWorld Supernova 6?


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Not sure what a WireWorld Supernova 6 - so I can't help.


If you have itunes you do not need Airfoil UNLESS you are trying to stream something else. Itunes has "Airtunes" built in - Airfoil does the same thing, ie talk wirelssly to the Airport Express


On a PC (2 years ago), I found Airfoil to be problematic with dropouts, etc. It may be better now or it may have been my setup thta was problematic although Ihave used other similar streaming software with zero problems.


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No, Airfoil is for Spotify. I have the latest version and it does work like a charm. The WireWorld Supernova 6 is a 3,5 mini-toslink to toslink cable, that transfers the data from the AirPort Express to a DAC or Reciever etc.


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