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Splitting large files

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Have recently ripped a number of Blurays (using Chris' instructions . . . thanks very much for that), I find myself needing a tutorial on how to efficiently find points between tracks and split them (all FLAC files).


1. What's the fastest way to find the exact point between tracks (assuming I don't have track times handy)?


2. What's the easiest/fastest software to use for editing?


3. Extra credit for instructions on how to accomplish the task with the suggested software.


Thanks in advance for your help.




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I found a short guide here:



Unfortunately you will need to work out track times, either by listening and taking notes, or (possibly) searching online for a track listing that has times.


Once you have the cue file, if you're using a mac then a program like sbooth's Max will split your flac into tracks using the info from this file.


Hope this helps a little: I suspect it will be easier than loading the entire file into editing software.


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If the files are 24/96 or lower (don't think it supports 24/192) you could use Audacity (open source download).


Within Audacity is a "find silence" function which should help find the track gaps - it's still going to be a pretty manual task though.


Not sure how the BluRay extraction works - but is there no way to extract individual chapters from the BluRay which (at least in DVD concerts I have) tend to be individual tracks.






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Thanks for your replies souptin and Eloise.


Eloise, per Chris' excellent article below, I learned and subsequently have seen that the Bluray rips usually come out as a few (large) FLAC files.




The good news is that it's possible to get high resolution audio tracks off of Bluray discs.


The not-as-good news is that in cases like Tom Petty's Live Anthology, you can get a Bluray disc with 65 tracks!!


Not what you'd call a quick editing project.


In the case of DVD rips, you're right. The FLAC files are created as individual tracks.




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