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Using Amarra for Sample rate changing only

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I cannot afford Amarra for more reasons than one. I understand that there are two strength (Amongst other) for the use of amarra, first the quality of the sound (Which escapes me ) and the second is the bit perfect sample rate change.


Further I understand that Itunes does not bit work in tandem, streaming out bit perfect data whilst changing the sample rate from the control panel - not ignoring the less than desirable interface.


What I do use is the demo version of the Amarra at the side, which I use to start the itunes and start the song with the right sample rate selected by amarra, then a few second later I turn off the amarra from the amarra toggle switch, with hopefully bit perfect output and the desirable interface which amarra offers. It follows that I turn on amarra when I want to change the song and loop the workflow.


Apologise if this has been noted before.


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Sorry, but I don't think this will work (if I am understanding you correctly). You need to quit and relaunch iTunes in order for it to adjust to a sample rate change regardless of whether you make the sample rate change via Amarra or Audio Midi.


There's an applescript somewhere on this site that helps to streamline the quit/alter sample rate/relaunch process for iTunes. Alternatively you could look at the options mentioned above. Or even, dare I suggest that you set the sample rate to the highest you dac supports - or to an exact multiple of the majority of your music, say 88.2 for 44.1 cd rips - will not be bit perfect, but can work well.


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