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It Costs How Much? Another look at the Tone Tot by Thomas J. Norton

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On 7/30/2018 at 8:12 AM, semente said:


That was a nice story.


Please allow me an alternative view.


David Wilson was a very effective businessman. His products had qualities but were not without flaws. The value for money of those products was ridiculously low but the target audience were the rich (though not famous). 




Well, you are not entirely correct.  Henry Rollins is famous and he has Wilson speakers:




Side Note:  I actually don't think Dave was that great at marketing.  Not bad, but not great.  As an example, he would always put out pictures on the internet of some of his highest end Wilson speakers, but, oops, they would be pictured in Dave's living room.  His living room literally looked like a funeral home to me, but hey, we all have different tastes when it comes to design and home decor.....  

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i hear a lot from others about the cost and value of products that are costly like the Wilsons.  mostly from those who are ignorant of the actual details of why such products are costly to begin with.  i will say that the largest and priciest of the wilsons are visually ugly to me but from a sonic perspective, among the most beautiful.  


it takes a lot of effort and expertise to make the largest ones sound right, but when the setup and configuration of the system are right, you are in for the audio treat of your life.  i don't have the financial clout to find out what they sound like in my own abode so i have what i CAN afford.  at that, many people think MY system is ludicrously pricey.  


so say what you will but realize that you may be exhibiting your own ignorance to those in the know.  



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