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Tyll Hertsens of Inner Fidelity Retires

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I agree with @Nordkapp ... the WOF could no longer be trusted and he ignored some of the new tube amp makers like Amps & Sound that are strong competitors to Eddie Current. He also admitted his ears are going and he is burnt out. Remains to be seen how InnerFidelity will change under new leadership.

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+1 He took me from free in ear buds to worrying about power supplys here on CA.  A tricked out Qutest headAmp combo with The Mr speakers Ether flow with latest filter mod. A long journey but he was the trusted place to go and a Switzerland neutrality for opposing sides of audio. History and wide influence I can't see ever being matched.

WOF was never perfect for all but driving industry changes we now take for granted. 

And..i just really liked the guy. 

I  can only thank him and wish him well...




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