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Looking for DAC USB around ~$1,000 to ~$1,400

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I am looking to spend upwards of $1300 on a DAC with USB as an external DAC for my Rega Apollo CD player and for my DIY music server (MacIntosh computer, AIFF music files). (Note, I have a McIntosh vacuum tube pre-amp (C2200) and MC275 tube amp, B&W704s). Based on reviews in several audio magazine as well as the general tone of the discussions in this forum, I am very keen on the Benchmark DAC-1 USB given the rave; however, I also note that the PS Audio DL-III seems to be receiving good reviews. Unfortunately, I cannot audition individual DACs in my system. Thus, I am looking for advice on whether folks would recommend one of the aforementioned DACs over the other or alternatively, recommend a third DAC that I have not considered.








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Hi Tom - Welcome to Computer Audiophile. The DAC1 and the DLIII are two very different DACs. Since you already have a preamp you don't need the headphone amp, volume control or preamp functions of the DAC1. However it has native 24/96 via USB. The DLIII is a bit cheaper and only has the DAC functions you need. I have both DACs and can say they are both really nice components. I guess the price difference and feature set should guide your decision. You should be happy with the sound from either unit.


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