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and, like you, I've not seen anything in JRMC. If all of your music is in one place, (under one root folder), then you can use directory printing software to achieve what you want. I assume you're using Windows which, after all these years and for all its bells and whistles, still doesn't ship with a file/directory printing utility - amazing!


Google 'Karen's Directory Printer' - it should do what you want it to, with maybe a little tidying up needed.


Hope this helps.


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If it helps at all, I use Excel to do the tidying up. Copy and paste the results into A1 and then use the 'Text to Columns' function, nominating the 'backslash' as the separator. This splits up everything nicely - I delete the unwanted columns and what I have left is everything I've ripped.


I normally keep a copy of this on my iTouch so when I'm out and about I don't end up buying something I've already got!


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