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Primare A30.5 enough for my current/future B&W setup???

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Hi all, I have an opportunity to pick up a Primare amp used locally for $800. @ 120 Watts into 8? x 5 channel it is surely enough power for my current B&W 600 series...

however might be upgrading speakers at some point to either the

805S or maybe the 803S or a totally other route like Salk Songtowers or the HT2's. I'm kind of all over the place right now speaker wise so not sure if picking up an amp at only 120 W is a smart investment?? Bi-amping could be an option although not my first choice.


I had been looking into the Emotiva XPA-5, @200 Watts for the same price, brand new, w/ warranty.

the primare is less power, no warranty, and used for same price....sound like a smart idea? not sure...


Seems like a good price for Primare per the MSRP, although hard to sell again because not as well known company and not many reviews around if it doesn't work out...


so I guess 3 main questions:


Anybody have any imput on Primare or this amp specifically?


Seem like a good bargan to pick up or just stick w/ the Emotiva?


Enough power for future possibilities in speakers?

-always read how power hungry the 800 series is (803 being the largest i'll go)


thanks in advance



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