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Favorite Speaker "Type"

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Do you guys have a favorite speaker type that you like more than others? Horn, dynamic, electrostatic, ribbon, radial, etc... This is not a discussion about which type is "the best", rather which type you like listening to the most.


While I do like many of the different driver types, I always find my way back to dynamic speakers.


I loved the electrostatic speakers I had. They were never fatiguing and sounded really accurate. There was just something missing with them. Maybe this is not inherent in the drive technology, but it is my experience with electrostatic speakers.


I also loved the horn speakers I had. They were overall fun speakers to listen to.


- Chris

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The first real fully horn-loaded speaker system I ever heard was in the listening room of Vandergrift Audio Supply on San Pedro Avenue in San Antonio. These rosewood beauties stood over 4ft tall, were nestled in the corners of a 32ft wall. ...just glistening with perfect sound... Moody Blues 'Days of Future Past' I believe, but they could handle any kind of music pumped to them. These had been custom made by Mr. V. from an Electro-Voice kit sold under the name 'Cardinal' ( I see that EV has given that name to a microphone now ). These were quite similar to a then-unknown-to-me speaker: 'Klipschorn'. I think my jaw is still a bit slack from my initial reaction to these big EV speakers. While I didn't buy the speakers at the time (heck, I was only 13 yrs old then - ), I own them today. They are a future project awaiting me in my garage. - new crossovers needed. - As I have no real idea of how to determine what Mr. V did to calculate his original custom built crossovers for the Cardinals, I will probably get 3-way active crossovers and fine tune the heck out of them. Either that or hand disassemble them, counting the windings on the coils as I go.... Also a waiting project in that garage: a pair of EV 'Aristocrats' - corner-reflex design and not fully horn-loaded. These were built by my father while he was watched by an extremely interested 6 or 7 year old - me.


Sure I've owned other types of speakers: Bookshelf, Tower, weird home-builts - Advent Loudspeaker, AR, LWE negative feedback system. I've listened to just about everything else manufactured by everyone else (OK, not everyone..) up until the early 90's. (Chris, the electrostatics are missing a strong enough bottom for me and are power hogs too - super clear buggers though-). I love Bose 901's, Altec's Voice of the Theatre's and also have really liked the sound from other brands as well. Infinity's Line Source Reference series from years back stands out. The thing about that is, those 'other' speakers were always just stop-gaps until I could get a HORN system in my own life. Luckily, my father & Uncle were audiophiles and horn lovers ( do you think I might have been 'ear washed' at an early age ? ). So, I could always get a horn-fix when needed. I am hooked & freely admit it: "Hi. My name is Mark, and I am a horn speaker lover. It is very nice to be at this meeting tonight.". lol


Currently gracing my living room: a pair of flat black texture-painted / corner protected / imbedded carrying handled Klipsch LaScalas - fully horn loaded.


I built a pair of horn-loaded headphones once. They sounded GREAT! I kept falling over when I tried to stand up though....


Horns. Ehh, I can take em or leave em.



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that the original intent behind getting the 'Road Warrior' LaScalas was to bring them out with me (while having exceptional home speakers..), and I have. They have been to both private parties and also have provided the main sound for public festivals here in Austin. I just wish that I could do it more often-- they sound so GOOD.



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Got to be fun to just get them out where you can kick out the jams. If I cranky speakers up wife cranky up too, so I usually keep a lid on things. Sometimes I warn her I'm doing a sound check and I see her lips move, but can't hear her. I pay later. Haven't heard many speakers sound so effortlessly good at punishing home audio volumes as Heritage line products. I've heard more bass, but almost always with a dedicated sub and I do everything in stereo. Not a home theater system listener at present time.


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