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Buzz/Hum on my Creative T3 at mid to max volume EVEN with no Source.

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Problem is as above. To isolate the problem, i have disconnected the speakers from my computer and brought it downstairs. I connected it to a single wall socket, plugged the power cable into the subwoofer. I then connected the two speakers into the subs. Next i turn the volume up. At mid to max volume, there is an increasing humming/buzzing noise from the speakers. Am i missing something here? From what i understand there should be NO sound coming from the speakers especially when there's no source.


I know this is not exactly audiophile grade speakers, but for 200 dollars i expect it not to make any noise when there isn't any music playing.


Anybody can help? Since its obviously not a grounding loop/magnetic interference issue. I then went into creative showrooms and tested 4 different sets and they have the same problem as well. However on another forum some users report that their unit is completely silent when turned to max with no source. Anyone have any ideas?



Thanks in advance


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I wouldn't worry about this. Some speakers hum at high volume levels, it just means some components are generating a little bit of noise which is then amplified. Unless it is audible at volume settings that you actually use and interferes with the music, I would let it be.


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You would probably have to modify the power supply on the sub where the speakers are powered from. I had a few of these type of sets from Creative, Klipsch, and Logitech in the past for PC gaming before I was really into audio and most all of them had this problem to some degree, some louder than others. You could contact Creative and ask them why it's so noisy without a source. It's really a shame because you'd expect for that amount of money and size of the company you shouldn't have to deal with the type of issue.


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