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What else is as good as JRiver?

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What other flac players are out there that are as capable as JRiver?


I really like JRiver - I have had it for a few years and gone through a couple of upgrades. I would keep forever if it wasn't for one major problem - the "saving tags" is outrageously slow over a wireless network. Sometimes it will take a couple hours to update 20-30 tags/files.


Yes - I have asked on the JR forum.

Basically the answer is that it isn't a problem with JRMC but my network.

Maybe but everything else works fine over the network - no major delays on anything else.


Getting very frustrated with it. I have to come back hours later sometimes just to shut the computer down simply waiting for tags.


I love the interface and the output flexibility.

What else is there?

Must be something (other than ITunes)



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I prefer the sound from JRiver 15 WASAPI exclusive RAM playback, but Media Monkey is very complete with tagging. Maybe you should give it a try.


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Urs, agreed.


That's exactly what I am doing, and would recommand.

At first I let JRiver do so, but found mp3tag to be much more powerful (Still, can't remember JRiver being slow at it through the network).


You could also try Chris's methodology, which is just incredible :



IMHO, dBpoweramp UI is crappy and the automatic retrieval of the average rating just got me crazy (although that is something that must be configurable).

Of course, that is only applicable if we are speaking about tagging ripped cds.





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I am trying MP3TAG now - maybe that is the key.

The rest of my network performance seems fine - granted saving large files across it is slow but nothing like JMRC tag saving.


The ripping with auto id of track titles is also weak with JMRC - almost nothing is recognized, unlike EAC which gets nearly everything but I can't get it to run on Windows7 (worked fine on XP but I don't have 7PRO with the XP simulator). I have moved ripping to DBPOWERAMP which seems to work well so far. No major issues with the UI - better than EAC.


But now I have to rip in one software, possibly save tags in another and play in a third. Kind of a bummer.


But the JMRC player interface is so good as well as the output flexibility, sound quality, etc.


I will let you know if MP3TAG solves anything




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if you go the DBpoweramp route, try and stick with it. In one shot, you can rip, tag, and compress/copy to various formats (places).


My advices.

Take a look at selected arts, and replace them with whatever you find is better, if needed.

Remove the silly ratings, unless you really want to know what others think of your listenings (this is so subjective !).

Keep Mp3Tag at hand, in case you are not satisfied with the results of DBpoweramp (happened to me on some cds).


Anyway, welcome to the sad part of computer audiophilia (that is ripping cds) and good luck with ;)




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