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How so I open Max to allow me to convert files with a mac book pro Thanks again !

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I am in the process of learning how to convert FLAC files into a form that allows me to play them on Pure Music, Chris sent me a tutorial that was great. The problem is that i have a mac book pro and I am unsure how to open up Max so I can convert the files. Chris tutorial seems to use a a different Mac and I can not get to the same screen so i can open up the program. I have changed all the preferences as was shown and surely understand how to drag the files but I do not know how to open the program to allow me to convert the files with mac book. I need help as this should be a straight forward operation and not one that has me hopeless in Canton. :) (Used to desk top pcs and Apple land is a foreign country in some ways.


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It sounds like you are having problems getting Max up and running initially. Assuming you've installed Max, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of your screen, and type "Max" and it will give you a list of matches - look for the one listed as an application, and click it.


Hope that gets you started.


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I have a feeling you've launched Max but no Max window appeared. If this is the case make sure Max is showing in the dock at the bottom of the screen to signify it's open. Click on the Max icon (for good measure) so you get the Max menu at the top of the screen.


press these three keys at the same time SHIFT - Command - O (the letter O not zero).


This will bring up the Max conversion window. Click Cancel to the popup box and you will have the standard Max window. From now on it should open normally when you just click the Max icon. Let me know if this helped.


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Or you could just highlight the files you want to convert (by clicking on the the top file/song and then using shift and mouse click on bottom song to make all songs highlighted blue) then use control and mouse click. On the options list choose 'Open With' and then choose MAX. This will automatically open max and start conversion.






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Chris - read above about a max tutorial. Don't find this program very intuitive. Can you point me to where I can find this tutorial. Looking to convert some 24 bit flac files to apple lossless or AIFF that I can use with Itunes and puremusic. Thanks.




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I have used a program called XLD that I find to be easier to decipher than Max. It may not be as robust, but it has done a fine job for me converting FLAC to AIFF. If you are having trouble with Max, it is a free alternative.



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