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Mac audio upgrade?

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When the home iMac got zapped by a mains surge, The need to replace the fried HD and RAM meant that I took the opportunity to instal a better hard disk (bigger, faster, double cache size) and max out the RAM.


Here's the question;


Does it really sound better (with iTunes) and if so, why does it sound better??


I hesitated to believe it at first, and remain moderately skeptical, but other who have heard it all report, unprompted, the same improvements. Cleaner sounding and a sense of greater power, body and control. My neighbour asked if I had upgrade with bigger amps!


I think it has to do with the Mac being out of commission for a while and then re-aquainting oneself with already good sound, which explains my reaction, but not that of friends and neighbours.


What do you think? Can these upgrades improve the sound quality?



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