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Would like some clarifcation/help

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I have a USB DAC: Specification Music Streamer II1 from High Resolution Technology


Their web site indicates "Transfer Protocol asynchronous"


The stereo magazine seem to say that ONLY A VERY FEW manufacturers (Ayre, dcs and few others - all are $$$) use asynchronous protocols


Who is correct or are there more complicated nomenclatures/schemes/other stuff at work?






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More and more asynchronous devices are coming out every month. There are two main async implementations. One uses the operating system's built-in device drivers this requiring no software or driver installation on the user's part. The other requires the user to install software or device drivers in order for the device to function. So far the main issue with devices that require extra drivers is updating the software to fix bugs, advanced features, or to counter an operating system change.


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