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Volume Normalization

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I seem to circle back to this every couple of years, each time finding that the available options are reputably poor. Anyone have thoughts on the current state of the art? Like many, I find the dramatic swings in level from album to album to be irritating. I don't mind when I'm playing an album in full - but when I'm playing a songlist, that's another story. Anyone know if there are options out there that won't mangle my music? Thanks!!



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Something like the Placette unit or better.




Dramatic swings in volume levels are not just limited to albums. I believe there are even wider swings in television from different shows, movies and commercials. Some are way too soft and others are way too loud. The volume control on the remote is the best way most people use to cope with this and I can't see why it would be any different with music audio.


Given that music often ranges from pianissimo to fortissimo, trying to implement any automatic volume normalization better than your human hearing, interpretation and desire may fall short at best and mangled at worst.


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