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Windows 7 Missing Info

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I recently purchased a Dell mini to function as my music server. It came with Windows 7 Starter which I originally configured according to Chris's recommendation in the Medica Center 14 article. I followed all of the screen shots in the article when configuring Windows and Media Center and everything worked well.


I upgraded to Windows 7 Professional because I wanted to be able to use Remote Desktop. The more robust OS is working just fine in the mini. I also went back to J River and installed MC 15 because 14 was no longer available.


When I went to configure Windows it no longer recognizes either the default Realtek controller or my USB DAC. I can see both in the device manager but not in the sound section of control panel. The only device is something called Remote Audio. All of the configuration tabs at the bottom are greyed out. The properties tab is useless. I am not able to follow Chris' configuration recommendations because they are simply not available. I have attached a screen shot.


Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you,







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Hi Duncan - This is hopefully an easy one. In the Remote Desktop application settings you need to tell it the audio should only come from the remote computer. I'm guessing now the audio is coming back to the controlling computer. This configuration is in the properties of the remote desktop application. When you launch the app there should be some tabs to make a change.


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Hi Chris,


Thank you for responding so quickly. After posting I was shaving and the light went on. I logged in directly to the mini server and everything was fine. The controlling computer was is in fact defaulting to its own very limited sound.


I just logged back to the forum to remove my post when I saw your response. You were right - it was an easy one.


Are you recommending MC15 yet? Should I go back to 14?


Thank you again so much.






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