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peter frampton in 24/96

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after having seen the interview with Peter Frampton on hdtrack.com and then another one on youtube, where he talks about 24 bit versus 16 bit and analog


), decided to download the Mr. Churchill album. Another disappointment with the sound! Do we really need 24/96 for listening to over-compressed audio? Gosh..




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Do we really need 24/96 for listening to over-inflated egos?


(Sorry if you are a Peter Frampton fan. I couldn't resist).


I saw some (classical) CDs at the bookstore yesterday where they advertised they were recorded 24/96, but then I also noticed each CD had 74 minutes of music on it, so something isn't right with this picture...


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Does Frampton have an over-inflated ego? I am not a PF fan and couldn't tell, and in any case don't care really.. I remember Miles and his ego, and I adore his music. What upsets me is the musician and hdtracks joining in advertising high resolution audio and then delivering such poor sound.


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...after also watching the video. It was an impulse buy, I'll admit. I also came away unimpressed. I've bought quite a bit of 24/xx music from HDTracks, and have generally been pleased with my purchases. Not so here.



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from the latest HDtracks newsletter:


"Because of the wonderful response to our recent feature of Peter Frampton’s newest release Thank You Mr. Churchill and Mr. Frampton’s enthusiasm for high-quality audio, we have the distinct pleasure of offering his breakthrough mega-hit Frampton Comes Alive! in HDtracks’ stunning 96/24 sound."


nothing to add.. sigh..


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