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Unstable iTunes Music folder location with multiple iTunes libraries

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For some time I have been using multiple iTunes libraries. (Easily created by holding down the Option (Alt) key while opening iTunes.)

Since upgrading to iTunes 7.7 (and now 7.7.1) and to Mac OS 10.5.4 the listed Music folder location has become unstable. (The Music Folder location is listed in iTunes Preferences under the Advanced Tab/General.) After closing one library and then opening another, the second library often lists the previous library's Music Folder location instead of its own correct one.

It is a pain to "Change" it back to its correct location – updating of the library can take a long time if the library is large. Selecting the "Reset" button (iTunes Preferences/Advanced Tab/General) sets the location of the Music Folder to the system drive which I do not want.

I did not seem to have this problem before upgrading. I have sent feedback to Apple. The 7.7.1 update has not fixed the problem.

Any suggestions anyone?



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Leigh, fyi only,


I've been bopping between my two libraries over the last 2 weeks, as I've added a lot of new music and need both the ALAC and AAC versions of it. I'm on Vista and haven't seen this problem. I'll look closely at it next time I'm in there.


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