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(Relatively inexpensive) RCA cable recommendations?

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Does anyone have any recommendations as to interconnect cables to run between my (Wavelength Cosecant) DAC and my (Arcanm) receiver that are a particularly good value for the money? I'd like to spend less than $200 for a 3–6 foot run. Hell, I wish I could get them for free, but …







On a related note, did anyone see this? (Scroll to read the actual forum post in gray.)






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Hi Bill,


Are you a dab-hand at soldering ?

If so, save yourself a lot of money by making up your own cables.


I firmly believe that a good quality RF cable is what you need, with low capacitance, PTFE dielectric, and tightly woven braided screen. This will be transparent at audio, but also give excellent RFI immunity.


I use such a cable, designated URM-76 (here in the UK), which sells for about £1/m, along with a pair of good quality gold plated phono plugs. Total cost for 2 x 1m lengths is ~ £10 !!





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