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JRiver Media Center Problems Solved

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I was having a lot of problems setting up JRiver 14 to work with my configuration. Home contructed SFF pc with Lynx AES 16e to Bryston BDA-1. At first I was having extreme dropouts (up to 982 in about 30 seconds according to the Lynx Mixer). I tried every configuration but I could not get it to work with Lynx Asio. It would work if I used direct sound out or wave out but the whole reason I went the route was I wanted to use Lynx and Asio to get the lowest latency and all the sonic benefits that go with that.


Next I tried to make it work by updating all my windows updates and updating to service pack 3. NO more dropouts but now annoying clicks. Then JR Media Center started to hang and go non-responsive. When it finally restarted the program advised that if it happened again I should save my music files that I had imported into Media Center and uninstall the program and reinstall. I saved the imported files and uninstalled Media Center 14. When I went on the site to reinstall the program I noticed that Media Center 15 is available in beta. I downloaded Media Center 15 and it has worked perfectly out of the chute for the past two days.


Note: I have not recovered my saved imported music files into Media Center 15 as of now, so I do not know if that was part of the problem.


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