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Windows XP Professional (Service Pack 3) Set Up with Lynx AES 16e Card.

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Hey Guys: I have a couple questions regarding windows xp configuration that I am asking because I seen two different answers on the site. When I go to control panel and click on sounds and audio devices and go to the Lynx AES 16e card and click on properties there seems to be unanimity on checking "do not map through this device." On the other hand I believe that I have seen it advised that one should check "do NOT use audio features on this device." (this seems counter-intuitive) I have also read that one should check "use audio features on this device." Which is correct? What difference does it make since I get sound no matter which box I check?



Also, is there any other things I should know about correctly setting up windows xp professional with the Lynx AES 16e card?





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