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Which rip is right?

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I did some testing over the weekend. Not really done yet as I appear to have opened a can of worms. Thoughts appreciated. Feel free to comment here and on the blog; I'd like to collect thoughts there but don't forgot to post here too.


I found some anomalies when ripping. I used J. River, EAC, 4 drives, and 6 rips. I found pitch variance in a sample from the ripped wav; filesize were the same down to the byte.







Windows 10 x64 (no major tweaks)>JRMC v20>Adnaco S3B (Anker battery)>PPA USB>Auralic Vega (XLR output)>Tortuga Audio LDR v2 (custopm LPSU)>Decware EL34 (VCAPS, bias and UFO tranny mod)>Zu Union Cubes (Juptier Cap mod) - Cabling: Lectraline speaker, Antipodes Komako, Decware, and Huffman ICs

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