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Cowboy Junkies - Tour & New Recordings

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Cowboy Junkies are out touring - in support of new recording called Remnin Park, which is available NOW for download on their website, complete with FLAC versions. CD will be available next month.


They sounded great last night here in NYC, both the new stuff and the old.


Definitely check out their new website - lots of music available. Margo said there were 200 recordings from over their 25 years available exclusively on the site.



Also, they are well aware that their audience likes the good stuff. Offered for sale along with T-shirts and CDs were 2LP version of Trinity Sessions and Mobile Fidelity LP issue of Whites Off Earth Now.


Margo said to sign up for the mailing list to get three free downloads, including their cover of Neil Young's Don't Let It Bring You Down, which they performed last night.


"and if you're already on the mailing list, sign up again with a different email"







Next up, Hazmat Modine, this Saturday in the Village.






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Clay - Thanks for the heads-up on the new release, "Renmin Park". I owe you one.


Saw the Junkies last summer in Denver at small venue (Ogden Theater) near my house for $35. Usually don't do many concerts but this was too good (and convenient) to pass up.


Just downloaded "Renmin Park" and gave it a first listen (advantages of working from home).


I can only say WOW!!!! Interesting mix of songs and very well recorded (too bad it is not hi-rez but still pretty good for 16/44). Seems to be an element of Pink Floyd with some of the background content as well as the phone call on the last track.


I did notice that track 10 (My Fall) was not included on the FLAC download version. The MP3 version which is also included in the download was there but not the FLAC version. The download is a single zip file so it is not a case of having one file hanging up. Sent a note to see if they can it to me.


Again, thanks for the heads-up.





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We got to see them at the beautifully renovated old Ohio Theater (my favorite and the smallest of the renovated Playhouse Square venues in downtown Cleveland) and the sound and performances were superb (last saw them 2 yrs ago at Kent State Univ). Margo, as usual, stuck around afterward to talk and sign. Very cool stuff. The band is very bluesy sounding again, and I love it (their inaugural album, the 1987 Whites Off Earth Now is a personal fave and on my playlists constantly). I think somehow Alan (Anton, bass player) has changed his tone and its now a very fretless sound that makes everything come together better than ever. The Remnin Park stuff, as well as the thought of 4 albums in 18 months (including a cover of Vic Chestnutt songs) is very exciting.


Yes, the free downloads are nice (they did Neil's cover at out show too) as is the feel of the whole website since the Revisited project.


I'm glad we have a few Junkies junkies. :)


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or just cowboyjunkies.com will get you there.


By the way, same missing (track 10) song on FLAC (available via MP3)....and it's not the last song, just a missing one in the middle of 14 songs?


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Thanks for the report.


I gotta tell you this - in the midst of Working on A Building, I had this fleeting visual of someone (with a micrometer) trying to measure a midbass hump in the midst of all that dense, dark, deep wall of sound. :)


[This is in reference to a recent thread about software players, for those that might not understand my comment. Sort of an 'inside joke']



I vowed then and there to 'just simply' listen, and do less 'critical' listening.


This 'vow' was partly also becuase my GF was commenting on the wonderful harmonica, while I was thinking it sounded off, as if doubled, but not exactly like an Echo harp.




PS, you guys should have chosen Apple Lossless format. My Fall (#10) was included in that download. Also lyrics, and a script for adding to iTunes.






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This is fabulous.


Track ten is missing from my download zip as well. No worries, I'm just happy to download lossless music from a great band.


Anyone know if the Junkies plan to offer lossless instead of MP3 for everything else? I'd purchase the subscription in a minute if lossless is available.


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