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Please have patience for the neophyte with the Windows-based system!

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Greetings to all-


First of all, I want to say how excited I was to learn of this website through my local high-end store. I have long-since appreciated the concept of using a computer as a high-fidelity source and have wondered why this concept hasn't been further developed (at least for the mainstream). My current setup, I am embarrased to say, consists of a Windows XP-based OS with stock headphone outputs split into RCA interconnects...finally fed into the preamp of my Bryston/Martin Logan based system.....


I know, I know- given the level of sophistication that many of you have as evidenced from your posts, you must be cringing as my setup is the equivalent of mentioning two-buck chuck in a winespectator.com forum...In any case, please have patience for the guy who is passionate about this topic but knows VERY little about even where to start with respect to equipment. In that regard, I have just started employment in a place which will be supplying us with tablet-PC's. Unfortunately, apple does not support many of the applications they run, so it is out of the question unless I purchase this myself (which is not out of the question, by the way). I have a few general questions to start:


1. Are there any resources (or forum participants) who have experience with this topic using a Windows-based system?


2. What kind of hardware (e.g. sound cards, etc.) and/or other configuration should I look into with respect to the tablet PC itself?


3. I hate to say this, but I currenty just rip my CD's into iTunes and play from my library (I use the 256kbps choice). What are the options for finding audiophile-grade downloadable files and/or what software is available to 'rip' my CD collection into lossless files?


Again, sorry for the lengthy and relatively juveline post. I'm sure its clear to all that I need some very basic resources to get up to speed.








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Shawn an M-Audio 24/96 will give you a very good DAC and a SPDIF output that you can use to try to find a better one. I'd start there. The appeal of the Mac is a mixture of Aesthetic and its superior user interface but if XP is configured correctly (it's a challenge) it'll sound the same as noughts and ones tend to. In my book iTunes is God.




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Since your using Windows, you have the option to use J. River media Center as a player and organizer (iTunes in its shadow is a mere mortal ;). The M-Audio cards are nice but driver support (updates) has always been lacking. I used to own the 24/96 'back in the day' , so don't get me wrong - good card. I and other Windows users are consistently impressed with the EMU cards for build quality, drivers, and great software (Patchmix). Head-Fi & HyrdrogenAudio are other 'old' forums with a ton of pertinent info.


What kind of tablet? My Lenovo x61 has pretty good audio. If you feel its not up to par there are USB solutions from EMU & TurtleBeach.


iTunes, EAC, and J. River can rip lossless (J. River has most options by default - easiest way to get secure rips, but EAC can be configured more).




Windows 10 x64 (no major tweaks)>JRMC v20>Adnaco S3B (Anker battery)>PPA USB>Auralic Vega (XLR output)>Tortuga Audio LDR v2 (custopm LPSU)>Decware EL34 (VCAPS, bias and UFO tranny mod)>Zu Union Cubes (Juptier Cap mod) - Cabling: Lectraline speaker, Antipodes Komako, Decware, and Huffman ICs

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