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Since computers, i.e. sound-cards and standalone ADC units connected to computers, can convert from analog to digital.....dare we find an ADC forum here sometime in the future?


Instead of a production recording type of section, it could be limited to discussion of archiving traditionally high end formats such as reel or vinyl.


I've been reading some really interesting stuff about the low noise floor of vinyl even in light of surface noise, and that along with some new gear coming in to help me start archiving records again, got me thinking about this topic.




Windows 10 x64 (no major tweaks)>JRMC v20>Adnaco S3B (Anker battery)>PPA USB>Auralic Vega (XLR output)>Tortuga Audio LDR v2 (custopm LPSU)>Decware EL34 (VCAPS, bias and UFO tranny mod)>Zu Union Cubes (Juptier Cap mod) - Cabling: Lectraline speaker, Antipodes Komako, Decware, and Huffman ICs

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This is a good point. I currently use the ADC in my ADM9s and Audio Highjack on my Mac Mini to get my records to my computer and then to my ipod. I am really surprised at the sound quality. It does not seem like there are a lot of stand alone ADCs outthere. I am thinking of upgrading to the ADM9.1s when they become available, so I will lose the ADC ability. I know Ashley of AVI is on the forum now, so how about a stand alone version of the ADC in the USB ADM9 in an amp pak sized case?


ADM9.1s ,2.0 Ghz Mac Mini, Panasonic BD-35 blu-ray player.

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