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Can't seem to plug in Clapton's "Unplugged"

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Hmmm...I'll try it again some time. It's interesting. I've had CDs that wouldn't play in some players, but only burned copies, not commercial red book cds. And I've ripped hundreds of cds to iTunes. This is the only one that won't let me.


Oh well. Maybe I'll just download it from iTunes. The resolution, of course, is not ideal, but I've found that simple acoustic music often sounds really good, even as highly compressed files.




I confess. I\'m an audiophool.

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I had the same issue with a Mike Oldfield 'Tubular Bells' cd. I partly 'exorcised' the problem after reading an article on the history of freezing cd's to improve playback sound. The article concluded that it made no difference to sound quality - surprise, surprise! but did indicate that there was evidence of improved laser reading......don't ask!!


I wrapped up said disc (not to prevent it catching a cold, but just to ensure it was dry - Mac Mini + ice = big disappointment) and after a couple of hours in the freezer I popped it into the MM with the result it recognized the cd and started to burn the first 3 or 4 tracks. Unfortunately it then fro... no I won't say it, so that was the end of that experiment. I subsequently bought a S/H copy on fleaBay and that loaded and burned without a problem.


Before posting I've googled 'frozen cd's' but can't find the article so maybe I read it in a magazine. I hope this is not some sort of weird dream I'm having as I've just read Chris C's excellent NAS storage article featuring the QNAP and would hate to find out the knowledge that I've just burnt onto my Limited Storage Device eg my brain was all bunkum.


White coats waiting?


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Not encountered a non read so far, I have had some CD's where the read speed dropped close to 1x. Do you have acess to a CD writer other than the Mac? If so could you not just make a copy then try ripping the copy. Cheaper than buying it again!




Are all audiophiles obsessive compulsives or is this just a Stereo Type? Yorkshire UK

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