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external DAC.

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Many audiophile on this computer server highway.

One thing done. I'v decided to buy a laptop and a DA converter then to my pream, that's it. No more CD player.


The laptop choice wont be a problem I think. Otherwise the dac's choice is less clear. I'v seen from Spitfire 24/96 at 267$ to DAC1 USB (24/192) at 1200$ (out of my budget).

Revues on Spitfire seams not bad with the coax input. I just want to keep simple and the DAC1 USB got a lots of level controls and other things, do I need all this?? !!


I wonder if the 24bit/96Khz Spitfire would do the job? and frankly I did not understood the 24/192 DAC1 (benchmark) litterature, since they talk like it's work at 24/96. I'm missing something here...


I know., I must read more, but time is not on my side today. Then 24bit /96Khz or 24bit/192Khz?


any help



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Hi Jacques - I haven't use the Spitfire personally so I really can't comment on the sound of it. The price is certainly right and you may be able to pick up a used one around the Internet. I think you should give the spitfire a try since the DAC1 is more than you want to spend for your first music server. Do you have any content above 24/96? If you do you'll need something like a FireWire interface for now to extract it out of your music server laptop.


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