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iTunes Helper apps

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Here are a few (mostly freeware, mostly for Mac OS) applications that integrate with iTunes and kick major butt, IMHO.


While we're at it, what other apps do you all recommend with iTunes?








Free iTunes add-ons:


Doug's AppleScripts for iTunes ?

Invaluable resource with 443 (and counting) free user-contributed AppleScripts for Apple's iTunes that will make maintaining your digital music collection easier and more fun! Yet another reason to get a Mac.




GimmeSomeTune: iTunes just got better

I mostly use it to rate songs in my menu bar, but it has some other cool features too.




A small utility that lets you view the lyrics of a song that is playing in iTunes in a resizable window and without opening Get Info (Command + I). Also, if the lyrics are missing, you can search for them using an internal browser, in an easy and intuitive way.




iConcertCal is a free iTunes plug-in that monitors your music library and generates a personalized calendar of upcoming concerts in your area based on your library. Available for both Windows and Mac OS X.




DockArt is a plugin for iTunes that will replace the iTunes dock icon with the album artwork of whatever song happens to be playing at the moment.




Can help you find the correct information for any pesky "Unknown Artist," "Track 17," etc. entries in your iTunes library.





Shareware Apps to extend iTunes:


iVolume ($30)

I know that for the best possible reproduction, you should turn off Sound Check in your preferences, but for 'background' listening iVolume improves the built-in 'Sound Check' function of iTunes to have your songs actually play at the same volume level. It's made it so I can listen to music at work without my coworkers screaming, "Stop turning your music up!" every third or fourth song.



beaTunes: Build better playlists ($25)

I mostly use it for adding BPM tags to my songs. However, by analyzing the songs in your existing library for BPM and 'musical color,' beaTunes is capable of finding songs that simply match.






I used to use this for embedding album artwork to each album's song files. It seems to be broken in iTunes 7.7. Does anyone know of a similar app (that will let you choose on file in an album and embed its artwork in the rest of that album's files)?

It used to live here: http://www.sprote.com/clutter/



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