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Looking for Inexpensive Media (Audio) Streamer

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Always get good advice here so here's where I bring the questions.


I am looking for an inexpensive media streamer (reveiver) to send the signal from JRiver Media Center (which has it's own streamer) to my small stereo in my bedroom so that I can play all the items on the JRiver in the bedroom. I encode in FLAC, so it must play that.


I know that Squeezebox will do it, but I want it to be very inexensive. As long as the sound is okay, that is all I need as the stereo is not that great and it will mostly be background in that room. I will use the TV to choose the menu and the stereo to listen to it through.


I saw the Logitech Wireless DJ and although I know that it theoretically it is not a streamer, it probably would do the job but doesn't support FLAC. I read somewhere that it actually takes the signal out of the USB and sends that to the reciever in the other room and that the encoder doesn't matter because the signal is coming out of USB after it has been decoded by the software, but I am little confused by that.




Thanks as always.





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