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Another easy one. What are you listening to right now? This topic has popped up on just about every forum. Sometimes it is actually helpful, other times it is not. Users have led me to some good music this way, so I'll kick off the topic here at Computer Audiophile.


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I am listening right now to:


Natalie Merchant - Motherland




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I'm almost ashamed to admit this, but I like Dan Fogelberg. I've listened to his music since about 1980, when I heard a song from "The Innocent Age" playing in a store. And then a friend who is into music wrote to me that he died recently, so I've been doing a kind of retrospective. I did a little memorial for him on my Shoutcast broadcast tonight.


He did a lot more than "Leader of the Band" and "Run for the Roses." Probably my favorite is "Tucson, Arizona (Gazette)" from "Windows and Walls." I like "The Reach" from "Innocent," and "Wolf Creek" from "High Country Snows." Music means a lot to me.


Farewell, Dan. Thank you for the music.


Sorry about lack of images. I'm too tired to chase them down.



[here you go L.C. -chris]


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The last thing I listened to was Songs for Distingué Lovers after jotting a few words down about it here. This being Sunday morning, right now I'm listening to (Bill) "Handel On The Law" via internet radio. Bill's show is a syndicated call-in show where people can ask legal questions.


But this being one of the few days remaining before the local CompUSA closes its doors for good, I am headed out to see if there is anything left on sale at a price that's too hard to resist. On the top of the list is the MacBook. If I can buy one of these for, say, less than $872 (with tax), I think I'll use this instead of the Mini for my server. Since I'm not holding my breath on this, I'll look to see if they have any bargains on large hard drives and Firewire or USB cables.


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play with the dogs. The CompUSA "expedition" was a bust, markr, but there was a surprise worth mentioning. Of course, the place was just about standing room only with all of the last-minute Xmas shoppers standing in line for the 11:00 AM opening; their lot was as full as I've ever seen it.


Despite the fact that this is supposed to be a PC world, the Apple/Mac/iPod section was almost totally cleaned out; even the software display area was slim pickin's. One 24" iMac and 1 iPod Touch was all the NIB stock left in the entire store. Even the demo Macs were just about completely sold off. Discounts on all of the Apple products left in stock was 5% for the boxed computer and iPod, 10% for the few remaining demo units. When you consider that we pay 9% sales tax here in Louisiana, that amounts to almost no discount at all, and no local recourse if you discover a problem after the store closes. Fortunately The Apple Store is coming to Baton Rouge (and was supposed to be open before Xmas, but missed that target), so we Mac fans are not orphaned by the CompUSA demise.




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...but it is good to know that the Mac keeps making inroads. I haven't totally given up on PC's, but I really prefer my Mac for most stuff.


Heads UP!!! - until the congress mandate (new law - I THINK that it passed..) that companies that do internet sales allot the corresponding sales tax be paid by the buyer to the state they purchase the product from, you can save that much money by buying a Macbook on the internet. I whole heartedly recommend Sweetwater sound for that - the Mac store will charge you the tax. I saved over $250 on my MBP purchase by doing that. Saved 50% of the purchase price of my main program: Apple Logic Studio. Going.....going......gone.....soon......



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Although this continues to throw this thread off track, I am a strong proponent of paying state sales taxes on the internet, if nothing more than to keep local small businesses competitive. The demise of CompUSA is just another example of the effects that internet commerce has on local economies everywhere. Having said that, the internet does enable all of us to find exactly the items we want to purchase, and much of my disposable income has gone to internet sellers.


But even price-conscious buyers who don't buy on the internet are ensuring the end of small, independent business that offer diverse goods. It looks like Wal-Mart will soon rule the country, and we will all be forced to capitulate to their buyers.


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