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EtherREGEN: The long development and active launch discussion thread.

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1 hour ago, thyname said:

Hello my friend Jorge! Hope all is well with you. Still in US?


I tried all there is:


1) Double opticalModules I had prior to EtherRegen 


2) Mutec Ref10 SE 120


My impressions (granted, all subjective, my own): EtherRegen is as good as it gets without any of these. One thing that I did experience a subtle improvement: a nice linear power supply like Keces.



Hello my dear Skerdi! It’s somehow weird the results you’re getting but if I remember well you’ve got a statement. So both your Ethernet and USB are well served not just with the two included clocks but also top quality electric signal designed by Sean Jacobs. That might explain your findings. However for the rest of us it’s probably a different story... ☺️
As you can see from my current equipment: 

Buffalo2016>SFP>oM>Rj45>Innuos Zen MK3>Rj45>eR>

I use fiber every where I could and the benefits are cumulative. Also please note that the eR after the Zen is quite more effective than before...

And yes still here for a couple of months. I’ll be moving to Brussels by August, unfortunately without the new devices that are being developed by John for UpTone. I guess I will buy them from Europe! 


Jensen VRD-iFF>Router>Rj45>opticalModule>
SFP>Buffalo2016>SFP>opticalModule >Rj45>

IZen Mk3>Rj45> Delock62619>Rj45>
etherRegen (Master Clock+ Mini-Circuits BLP)>SFP>opticalRendu>USB>IsoRegen>

USB>Phoenix>USB>OPPO 205 (Modded)>HMS “the Perfect Match”>Proac Tablette Reference 8 Signature.

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On 3/18/2021 at 8:10 AM, R1200CL said:

We’re not discussing that, but yes, that’s what you need. My statement stays. That specific module won’t work. 
Also I stay away from multi mode and 850nm VCSEL laser. But it’s cheaper. 


Why don't you try it yourself instead of denouncing people whos reputation relies on their statements.  We live in a practical world, not a purely academic one.


Chicken Little never actually achieved much other than to incite his community into panic and then be an outcast with his lack of evidence.

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On 5/13/2021 at 2:10 PM, ASRMichael said:

@Superdadwe are now seeing more people using SFP cards for servers. Do you have any plans for EtherRegen 2.0 to have 2 SFP ports? Would be great to have two. One SFP for home network & one to server SFP. 


Thanks, but we do not currently have plans to release a new EtherREGEN.  I wrote about the possibility here:



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