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LampizatOr Big 7 SE + Volume (GG)

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Used Big 7 SE with Volume (newest generation 5).

This Big 7 looking GG was fully checked at Lampizator. It will be packed for shipping at the factory as well.

New owner can customize it to his liking as well. Please ask for prices directly, I will talk to Lukasz.


The specs of the unit are:

- PCM/DSD256 (DSD can be upgraded to 512 if needed)

- Jupier Cu caps

- USB, SPDIF, inputs (one more but I need to check)

- RCA outputs

- Tubes: Electro Harminix 2A3 Gold (New)

- Rectifier: Cetron 5R4WGB (New) (5u4g type)

- 2 years warranty (manufactured in April 2015)


Please contact me with questions and price.

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Show us some pics Miszny!

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Please find photos and the factory sticker.

Turned out it is early Golden Gate dac is Big 7 clothing.


There are roller feet underneath, you can see in photos that there are WBT connectors and Furutech power socket on the back.

Button and screen are orange.

Silver case will be new as this one has some scratches on one side.

It will be shipped in standard box (not flight case as in GG)


Tubes that come with it are 2A3 Electro Harmonix Gold, rectifier military Cetron 5R4WGB all new.


Manufacturing number 666 suggests hell of a deal ;-)

I keep the price of 4500E but shipping is on you.




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