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best soundcard

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I have a Peachtree Nova and Era 3 speakers with a sub 8. I run Windows 7 and J River Media Center both configured for bit perfect audio. I am happy with the sound but wonder if a better 2 channel sound card would improve the sound further. Any ideas?


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Hi Chris,

I set up for bit perfect playback pretty much the way you recommended and must say it was invaluable info.

Like I said it sounds just great but I will be forever wondering if I could make it even better. David Richardson(?) from Signal Path told me I might like to try another sound card some day. One that sends the signal via digital link to the Nova. I dont have much of a clue being new to all this. Any tips would be greatly appreciated. Maybe it would be a waste of money. I dont know.

I read all your stuff about the Nova plus Windows 7 and JRMC configuration. Thanks alot for the leg up!


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On the subject of audio cards, i am trying to decide between the ESI Juli@ and the M-Audio audiophile 192.


They are both priced under $200, the m-audio @ $179 and the julia @ $149.


I plan to run digital coax out from the card to a ps audio dliii.


Which is the better choice?


Also, these cards are PCI, would they fit into the PCIexpress slot on the Intel D945GSEJT motherboard that was used in Chris' CAPS server build?


EDIT - I just read Chris' build article in its apparent he used a PCI card, he also makes mention that the above mentioned board does not support PCIe, the site I am shopping at online lists the specs of the board and shows this


"Expansion capabilities One PCI Express* Mini Card slot for low-profile expandibility "


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