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(REDUCED) Blue Robin Hood TT w/ Cornet 2 Tonearm, $1,675

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Pear Audio Blue turntables, which have been extensively reviewed in Stereophile and elsewhere, are based on the engineering and design thinking of the late Tom Fletcher of Nottingham Audio. The Pear designs reflect Fletcher’s "final" ideas for improving on what he did with Nottingham as he handed the torch to Pear Audio. Like Nottingham tables, the Pear uses a low-torque motor; you start the platter spinning with a small push and brake it to a stop with your hand. Quite cool!


The Robin Hood (list $1,995) is their least expensive table, but it is a superb performer. Mine is fitted with their Cornet 2 arm ($2,195), Pear’s most expensive tonearm.

I am the original owner. The system has had limited use in the three years I have had it but has performed superbly. The shipping boxes are in so-so shape, but otherwise everything is excellent. The photos show an Ortofon Quintet Black MC cartridge ($995), which is not for sale, but if you really want it, we can discuss.

The turntable and arm combo cost $4,190. I am motivated to sell, so I will consider reasonable offers. Shipping costs and PayPal fees are negotiable. US sale only, local sale (SF Bay Area) ideal. Thanks for looking.



Pear RH 1.jpg

Pear RH 2.jpg

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Price reduction

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