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Anyone use DVDfab Hi-Fi Audio Converter ?

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Has anyone used the DVDfab "Hi-Fi Audio Converter" software for ripping 2-channel audio from DVDs/Blu Rays ?


If so, how does it work ?




DVDfab Hi-Fi Audio Converter


Software: JRMC26-64, RePhase, REW, Pandora, Spotify, dBPowerAmp Reference

2 Channel: A-Tech Fabrication i7-3770K/SSD/Passive Cooling-No Moving Parts->OKTO DAC8 PRO->MagTech/Mark Levinson #336->Magnepan 20.1's & OB/Dipole Subs

Home Theater: Anthem Statement D2V->W4S 7x1000->Magnepan 3.6's/CC3/MC2's+Martin Logan Descent I Subs

Office: Core-i7 3770S/SSD->Xonar Essence STX->W4S µDAC->W4S STI-1000->Magnepan Mini-Maggies

Garage: Dell Laptop->W4S uDAC->AdCom Amp->B&W Rock Solid


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