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Auralic Mini - Tidal not working


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Have had my Mini for ages and never had a single problem.


But this morning I have brought the Mini out of standby, picked up my iPad, launched the Lightning App but when I click on the Tidal icon (bottom icon on the left hand side) to bring up my favoureites it just says 'the list is empty.

Doesn't matter if I click favourites, search by genre etc every Tidal page is just plain white with a meassge that says 'list is empty'.


If I click on the Heart icon at the top of the list on the left hand side all my Tidal favourites show up - but when I click on an album cover and ask it to start playing it says it can't find it.


I have a USB thumb drive in the back with some albums on and if I clcik on the 'my music' icon on theleft hand side they all come up and play perfectly.


And if I go on my iMac and launch Tidal it works perfectly.


I have unplugged the Mini from the Power to see if that fixes it but to no avail. I have now done a reset (holding middle and right buttns for 5 seconds) and will try to go thorugh the set-up again this evening.


Anyone else had this or have any ideas?

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did you confirm that you're logged in?  i'd definitely try logging out and logging back in.


i'd also completely reboot the mini and see if that helps.

sources:  intel nuc8i7 (audiolinux, roon core) (server) | simaudio moon mind 2 (renderer)
headphone rig:  chord qutest > bryston bha-1 > audeze lcd-3
main rig:  chord dave > parasound jc5 > kef reference 1
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