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HalSF’s February 09, 2018 post deserves its own thread


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Jim Austin has been quietly pushing a pro MQA line at the Roon forums.


Unfortunately for him, he came up against a few well known experts in the field. Jim managed to hold it together for quite a few posts but starts to unravel as he loses the debate and begins making offensive comments directed at the people who criticize MQA.



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59 minutes ago, Rt66indierock said:

You are correct I have been amazed at the hostility toward the audio press by both audio manufacturers and audiophiles I’ve met at shows since T.H.E. Show in 2016. But I think you can say they earned it over the years.


Let’s review the history of the MQA launch in the audiophile world. The first credible criticism of MQA was in December 2014. Criticism of MQA in the audiophile press was ignored in 2015 and early 2016. Late in 2016 valid criticism was noticed by the audio press but dismissed. In 2017 the audio press couldn’t ignore the criticism of MQA and started attacking the people criticizing MQA.

The audio press still wasn’t willing to civilly and constructively engage those who oppose MQA so we abandoned some civility because they were going to ignore criticism of MQA until they couldn’t ignore it any more. In the spring of 2017 the audio press was still using terms like MQA is full steam ahead. Then things got less civil. Brian Lucey called Bob Stuart and Robert Harley liars at the end of Bob Stuart’s technical seminar on MQA at the Los Angeles Audio Show. This seemed to shake up the press a bit and they started to attempt to explain their support of MQA. Then later in the summer Charley Hansen attacked much of the press for their support of MQA. Soon afterward The Absolute Sound published two articles defending MQA by Andrew Quint and Robert Harley. I talked with Andrew Quint at RMAF 2017 and he was not happy about how he was attacked and seemed stunned that the two articles got so much negative response.


John Atkinson in the fall noted on the Audio Asylum that Jim Austin would write and investigative series on MQA and I announced that I would award prizes to people who did the best job debunking Jim’s series (those prizes so far were donated to an Arizona Foster Care Organization, I matched them as did two other foundations that support it).


In January 2018 Lee Scoggins started his series on MQA and started to disrupt threads on Steve Hoffman’s forums. He tried to do the same on Computer Audiophile and you can review the results if you wish.


The audio press was allowed a year and a half to engage critics in something resembling good faith and they chose not to. So we have given the press a fair chance and we are at the stage where they are upset at the criticism and pressure being applied but they still won’t engage in any meaningful discussion of the disadvantages of MQA. We have tried to talk and reason with the audio press but they aren’t listening so criticism and pressure will continue to be applied on the audio press until MQA goes away.

The audio  magazines  are just  parasites..


Go to any show whatsoever, on any subject whatsoever, and the magazine presence is a sad-looking stand with almost nobody giving it any attention. It's usually empty, but if you are real unlucky some scruffy, old, woolly jumper wearing  bloke might be  there and try and engage you in conversation.

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