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Roon endpoint that transmits Bluetooth

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There a few radios around the home that can accept Bluetooth, and was wondering if there exists a Roon endpoint that could work with Bluetooth. The interface would re-transmit audio to the radio, accepted by a wireless Roon endpoint.


Another alternative is to broadcast Bluetooth via a pre-amp line out, there's an old Sony device in a cupboard that can do this, but it's too powerful, and neighbours can listen in :( 


The interface available on the radios are RCA line in, Optical, Wireless (not certified Roon end point) & Bluetooth. No Airplay, no DLNA either.


Would welcome any suggestions.

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56 minutes ago, Em2016 said:

iOS Roon endpoints can work this way already (i.e. Roon sees the iOS device as an endpoint and the iOS devices transmits to a bluetooth connected device).


I'll dig around for any others.

The limitation is that Apple doesn't support aptX, supports AAC for their version of better Bluetooth.






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