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Mac Mini and flac files


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My main music server just crashed hard, lost everything.  I had Roon Core and Jriver as my playback software on there.  I have back ups of my files but I've been thinking about all the options out there.  Since I was using a PC my files are FLAC encoded.  Could I put those files on a Mac Mini and use Roon Core (Main software) maybe Jriver and call it a day?  Is it only using FLAC in itunes that's the trouble? BTW I have an iphone and ipad pro but I don't use itunes at all.  I've actually removed them from the devices.  I did use itunes 10 years ago before I went to Jriver, then Roon.


I've moved Roon Core to a different computer but I don't want to keep it there.  I lost all my backups for Roon and Jriver on that computer so I'm starting over from scratch (favorites/tags/bookmarks/DSP) essentially a pain in the ass.  So before I start doing all of this I'd like to get everything on a new device then dig in.

PC/NAS/JRiver/Roon - PS Audio P5 Regenerator - KEF LS50 Nocturne - Rel 328 subwoofer - PS Audio AC5 Power cables 

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I do not use Jriver but I do use Roon on a dedicated MacMini.  My music library is not connected to iTunes in any way and you do not need to do that.  At this point Apple iTunes will not play FLAC files.  My music server is like an appliance.  It is throw away.  The music is just copied there for playback, the masters are elsewhere and backed up from there.  My Roon library back up is done to Dropbox so it is offsite!  


I also have been playing with Audirvana+ on the MacMini and am finding it interesting but Roon is still my go to tool.


Note that my main iMac, iPad and iPhone use Apple Music as a tool to listen and learn about new things to buy or stream.  I find that valuable.



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