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HomePod: Implementation, Impresssions, Information

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I have three locations where I want music available and where the “ultimate” Audio quality is not all that important.  In addition the ability to voice control music is of great interest.  Voice assistant to other things such as alarms, weather, etc is also important.    To that end I have removed the three amazon echo devices and put Apple HomePods in the same places: Office, Master Bedroom, and family room.  Note that I am getting more and more concerned about what Amazon and Google do with information gathered by my using their devices.  (I am also worried about Kindle but that is another discussion).


I got the “space gray” ones as they seem to fade into the environment better.6D3DB928-AA47-4A31-B2FE-A7FFE02BB777.thumb.jpeg.74301d89c663c496bbb15915d8e3f6f8.jpeg


The family room space 881CCD5C-B935-4D99-A239-55D182EA362D.thumb.jpeg.b7175ea2cc76e3d9b39eda0a4bed6046.jpeg

is at corner of a 20x13 room that is open to the eating area and the kitchen.  


The bedroom0704C856-CE4D-449D-BA82-0787633D5DAA.thumb.jpeg.7f510ade7b96ba9a52a7b6e59e7af11c.jpeg

is a much smaller space.


And the office is a MESS so I did not take a picture of that!!


Setup is “just like” the AirPods. Operation is pretty normal If you are used to Siri and Apple devices.  There are folks that have written a lot about the setup and operation.  Check out the coverage over at http://imore.com


I have the three devices in place and I have 14 days of the normal Apple bring them back for any reason warranty.  So this will be a lot of testing and listening over a very short time frame.


First Notes:


The space that the family room HomePod has to “feed” is just too big for the current location.  While the voice assistant can hear me just fine from the kitchen it is too far away for a “good” listening experience. I am going to have to find a different location for testing at least.  In the bedroom and the office there are no issues of that sort.


I have been able to do some basic listening of a few tracks and conduct some initial testing of Siri.  The Amazon Echo seems to have some advantages in the voice assistant things it can do over Siri.  That will not be a primary part of what I am talking about but it is important to the overall experience.  The overall initial impressions are very favorable (comfortable).


I will be setting up Roon to talk to them shortly...  



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