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schiit gungnir bit rate question


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my mac mini crashed after rebooting it no longer recognized my pre-multibit gungnir DAC yet still recognized my ME2 and AQ-DF-RED.

i tried changing USB ports and connectors still no recognition. Schiit suggests trying a USB 2.0 power hub i used 3.0 power hub i had and suddenly the Gungnir was recognized-anyone have any idea why? BUT... when playing A+3 which tells you both the bit rate of what is being streamed from either TIDAL or Qobuz in the upper left corner of the web page and what the DAC is playing in the upper left hand corner all i get is 24/48 16/48 from the Gungnir while the ME2 shows 176kHz or 192kHz the DFR shows 96kHz-the Gungnir USED to show the same before the Mac crashed and before i added the 3.0 power hub and the Gungnir was re-recognized anyone know why and am i losing sound quality? to my ears the answer seems to be NO so does this mean 24/48 16/48 and higher bit rates on the other 2 DACs mean nothing and that all of a sudden the Gungnir is 'downsampling' means nothing in terms of SQ??

thanks bobbmd

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The gungnir doesn't down sample, it just performs d/a conversion on what it is sent. Players resample/down sample. It's got to be something in your settings. 

sources:  intel nuc8i7 (audiolinux, roon core) (server) | simaudio moon mind 2 (renderer)
headphone rig:  chord qutest > bryston bha-1 > audeze lcd-3
main rig:  chord dave > parasound jc5 > kef reference 1
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@jcn3 thanks-i realize that- that is why i put quotes around downsampling

in audio MIDI it only allows 44000 or 48000( for the Gungnir) whereas in past it allowed anywhere from 41000 to 196000 and on A+3 which shows the bit rates i always had anywhere from 96000 up on the DAC side of desktop app ie upper left hand corner now i only get 16/48 if i use the Gungnir

so i don't think it's my 'settings' per se there does not appear anyway to change those altho on the original Qobuz desktop app(the circle with 'q' in the center) there were all sorts of choices ie CoreAudio or just Default etc

on the newer desktop app only CoreAudio is offered/in A+3 in preferences under Audio Systems for the Gungnir all i can choose is 44 or 48000 the rest are greyed out all the other DACs i use DFR/ME2 the choices range from 44000 up to 192000 same goes for ROON

again my ears can not tell any real difference in SQ with the Gungnir only showing 48000 other than i have to play it a little louder

i just can't understand why this happened

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