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Schiit EITR and Server 2012 r2

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I have. I installed the driver in GUI mode and then switched back to core mode with no issues. I'm using AO and JRiver. I posted initially in this thread:


Here's the text from those posts for reference:


"Posted August 21, 2017
I've successfully installed a driver. In my case, for win2012r2, I used the Gen 2/Gen 5 1.16 driver for win 8/7. In jriver it shows up as a wasapi driver but at least I can play music. I'll play around more later and see if I can figure out how to get ASIO working. I tried the Schiit ASIO driver but so far I couldn't get it to install. 


I selected the Eitr in device manager and selected "update driver software". Then "browse my computer for driver software". Next I selected "let me pick from a list....". For my previous failed attempts I had been using the "search for driver software in this location" option. I think this is the crucial difference. Then in the next window, I selected "have disk" and browsed to the .inf file in the 1.16\win81\softwaredriver\driver folder (CMUACWO.inf). From there I had a couple different warnings but just chose "ok" and the driver installed! Hopefully this will work for others using the same procedure but maybe try the "Gen 3 Drivers for Yggdrasil" for yggy instead of the driver I used for Eitr.


So not total success yet but I'm at least able to listen to music for the night using Wasapi in gui mode for now. Baby steps for now."


"Posted August 21, 2017
Quick follow up. I also have kernel streaming in jriver. It shows as "Speaker (kernel streaming)" while the first one I saw was "Schiit Eitr (WASAPI)". When I saw no other Schiit choices I thought that was the only one. At least kernel streaming will allow switching back to core mode if I'm unable to get ASIO working. Unless I get an official driver from Schiit for ASIO, I'll stick with kernel streaming."


Good luck.

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