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How to stream Mixcloud through MicroRendu


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Have you tried using BubbleUPNP on your tablet. Open BubbleUPNP on tablet and select your MR as your output. MR must be in the DLNA/MPD mode for Bubble UPNP to see it. Get into mixcloud page you want to listen to. You have to be in the page where the track itself is showing by itself. In the upper right corner of the window you will see three dots arranged vertically. Sometimes you need to swipe down on the screen to get the bar to appear. Tap the three dots and then hit "Share". A new window will open. Select BubbleUPNP and it cast the track via BubbleUPNP to the MR. The track will appear in th Bubble UPNP window as well. I use this method to listen to Soundcloud. 


The alternative is to use Songcast on your windows computer. When it works its simple but I find it incredibly buggy 

Intel NUC w/ Roon Core -> Ethernet switch -> Etheregen/ LPS 1.2 (B-Side) w/ After Dark Queen Square OCXO-> Optical Cable -> Optical Rendu -> Ghent JSSG360 Silver Plated Star Quad USB -> Schitt Gungnir Multibit -> LTA Microzotl Preamplifier -> Melody 845M Monoblocks ->Spatial Audio M3Triode Master Speakers;  ---- LTA Microzotl Preamplifier ->DSpeaker 8044S-II -> 2x SVS SB4000 Subwoofers.  --- HDPlex 300w LPS powering Intel Nuc, OpticalRendu, DSpeaker 8033 and AfterDark OCXO . PSAudio P10 PowerPlant 

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