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Help: Stopping music without manually turning it down


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I wouldn't exactly call myself an audiophile but I purchased a Linn Hifi some years ago. It's stood the test of time very well and still sounds amazing.


I'm hoping to use your knowledge to answer my question: Is it bad for the speakers to press the 'Mute' button instead of manually turning the volume down to 0?


Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

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10 minutes ago, mourip said:

I am certain that it would not plus when you un-mute it returns you back to the volume level that you had set.




That's true. Perhaps I could've phrased it more clearly, but I meant to ask whether pressing mute from a high volume harms the speakers? In other words, would being at 70% volume and pressing mute (causing an immediate 'vertical' reduction to 0%) be more harmful than manually pressing the - button and 'diagonally' reducing it to 0%?

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If anything I would have worried about the opposite but given how omnipresent mute buttons are on remotes I doubt it.


The mute on my present Tortuga Audio LDR preamp ramps up and down so that would solve any issues however....


...Since I contracted audiophilia in the early 80's I have never heard of speakers being hurt by muting :-)

"Don't Believe Everything You Think"


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It should not. Some devices, such as mourip's, even do a gradual ramp to avoid annoying pops. Do you notice a pop or tick when (dis)engaging the mute function? Either way, I don't think Linn would make anything that's harmful to your speakers.

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