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20% Off Sale - DSD Audiophile Speaker Set-up album


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20% Off Sale on the new Audiophile Speaker Set-up album.

DSD Exclusive, Not on SACD release from 2xhd Mastering.





2xhd Mastering has a new DSD Stereo (up to DSD 256) release titled Audiophile Speaker Set-Up. The album is designed provide the perfect guide to help audiophiles and casual listeners find the best placement for their speakers. This will bring you the optimum performance in your audio system. It is a DSD Exclusive release. Not available on SACD.


To make this new release even more tempting, we're offering it on sale at 20% Off at the Native DSD Music store. Use offer code SPEAKERDSD at checkout through February 17, 2018 to get the discounted price!


2xHD describes the new album noting "With over 115 minutes of music, sonic examples and instructions, this companion to the best-selling album 2xHD Audiophile Hi- Res System Test (also available at DSD Music) will help you set up your speakers for an ultimate listening experience.


It includes 13 tracks of spoken instructions for speaker placement and tweaking which are also reproduced in the accompanying 61-page PDF booklet with colorful, helpful illustrations.

The other 56 tracks contain sonic examples to use for judging the progress of the placement, as well as a good dose of DSD music tracks from 2xHD for your listening pleasure."






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