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SOLD: SOtM sMS-200 (modded for sCLK-EX)

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This listing probably only makes sense to those who have been following the "A novel..." thread, and know what an SOtM trifecta is!


Up for sale is my modded sMS-200. It has been modded to accept external clock signals of 24MHz (for USB) and 25MHz (for Ethernet and the mobo) from an external Ultra component. Typically, this would be a tX-USBultra, or a dX-USB HD Ultra, that has also been modded to supply these 2 clock frequencies to the sMS-200.


 IMG_0255.thumb.JPG.354e2519ec5aa6c00c6725623b0a521e.JPG     IMG_0257.thumb.JPG.77e09d0dce4ea847c2f4fa38ef3a03b3.JPG


CAUTION: This unit does not work standalone unless connected to a clock source. Please make sure you understand this before buying. I will not be responsible for any confusion on this score!


See my listing for the Uptone LPS-1 for a perfect power supply for this unit.


Update: the LPS-1 is sold.


MSRP Price: sMS-200: $450 + $170 for mods = $620

Asking Price: $450



  • Payment via PayPal
  • Price includes USPS Priority shipping within continental US only, and PP fees
  • I will consider international buyers, but they must cover actual shipping and international PP fees.
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Hi, I may be interested but wondering what the downside is of feeding clock signal to sms-200 vs it having its own clock? I really like your diagram you posted. Attached is what I was thinking for my set up if I go the sms-200 modded route. Also, is there a reason you picked that particular switch over alternatives?




set up.jpg

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